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I am currently in position of 8 of the 9 puppies I am adopting out. My property management has given me 24hrs to remove them from my apartment, or i willbe evicted by he end of the month. I am out of work, out of money, and out of options here. All the shelters I’ve called are full, and will euthenize them within 24hrs if taken.

If you are in the Houston area( northwest side is a plus), and would like to adopt one, please, contact me immediately. I have until 5pm tomorrow to have them and the mother gone. I’ve been backed into a corner, and have nowhere else to go. Thank you if you read this far

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I looked really cute.
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I love my jiggly parts
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Good news, got my laptop running but the keyboard is gonna need to be replaced.

How to finger a girl


1. Use your tongue

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Welp my laptop is fucked up, it just keeps getting better.