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eat it like this..
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Since this seems to be your favorite pose..;)

Oh my goodness 

Inbox gift

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Tumblr fucking annoys me with its all or nothing attitude.


All men.

All women.

All black people.

All brown people.

All white people.

All yellow people.

All purple people eaters.

People are fucking people. We are all different. To honestly believe the actions of one define the thoughts and hearts of every other being that associates as that noun, whatever that noun may be, is fucking idiocy.

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Remember that time Disney made a live-action Cinderella adaptation with THREE WOC main characters — including Cinderella herself  and Whitney Houston’s Fairy Godmother — and a Filipino Prince Charming? And they didn’t spend a single second explaining through dialogue or sly witicism why they were cast that way, and the whole movie went on like it would with white actors and actresses, and the two main relationships were interracial and it was AMAZING?
Me, too.

i don’t think u understand my love for brandi’s cinderella like it’s possibly the greatest movie ever

this movie was so fucking perfect

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’re backsliding hard from the 90s.

This is the only Cinderella movie I care about. Besides the AWESOME diverse casting, the music was also great. 

This is the ONLY Cinderella

The 90s and the diversity in shows/movies + music was the best =/

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